You only have one moment. This short moment is your life. Just a small glimpse called now.

But all we do is wait. For the moment when all thing will come together? Maybe they never will.

Maybe we should 

Stop Waiting. And Just Go.

Venice, Italy / Kim Maru Photography

Venice, Italy / Kim Maru Photography

Fernwehosophy Venice Venedig Italy Italien Kim Maru Photography

Hotel Becher is a charming boutique hotel situated within 10 minutes’ walk of historic Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square) and the famous Rialto Bridge, surrounded by Venice’s famed fashion houses. Designer giants such as Gucci, Vuitton and Bulgari are snuggly nestled in with local artisans, crafting exquisite leather wares, glass pieces, jewelry and many other beautifully hand-crafted Italian treasures.

You are never more than a few steps away in any direction from a gourmet cup of rich, delicious coffee and a sweet pastry, or a refreshing glass of prosecco and a plate of beautiful ‘cicchetti’ (Venetian appetizer sized savory snack, similar to the Spanish tapas). No visit to Venice is complete without a coffee and pastry stop at the historic Caffe Florian, Italy’s oldest café,  in Saint Mark’s Square, established in 1720.

The glass artisans operate manly on the island of Murano, making this little island, a few minutes boat ride from Venice, a destination for travellers interested in purchasing hand crafted glass pieces.  May of these glass-making houses have made arrangements with local Venican hotels to pick up their guests and transport them by private water ferry (known as motoscafi) to the island of Murano, where guests are then taken on an informative tour of the glass-blowing facility and shown room after room of stunningly intricately hand-blown glass pieces of every size and description, colour and price point, but do note, that inevitably, all that hospitality is intended to end in a sizeable glass sale - be ready to get out your wallet. If you prefer to get to Murano under your own steam, catch a  vaporetti (ferry) in Venice and explore the islands at your leisure.

The famous and stunningly beautiful Rialto Bridge is the largest of the three bridges that crosses the Grand Canal and connects the two districts of San Polo and San Marco in the heart of Venice. It is a stone bridge, constructed between 1588 and 1591. The view of Venice bathed in golden evening light at  sunset is truly magical. Get a spot on the bridge early though - you won’t be alone there! 

So take a pair of comfortable walking shoes (Venice is definitely a city to be explored by walking), a lot of film and memory cards for your camera, you will find it impossible not stop every few moments for another photograph of something beautiful, and spend a few days discovering this magical city. Unless you have been thoroughly lost in Venice, you cannot claim to have had a true Venice experience… never fear though, that old saying about “all roads leading to Rome” - it’s not true - it turns out that all those roads lead to Venice! Enjoy!


Wedding Photographer Maru Photography

Vancouver, Canada

My name is Kim-Maru and I am a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I live with my husband Jeremy and my adorable little cat, Lulu. I specialize in using natural light to create a soulful and authentic style of wedding imagery for my clients and love nothing more than to travel the world with my camera. With a background in film photography, I now shoot in both film and digital formats. When I am not photographing or traveling, I love to cook and drag old pieces of furniture home from flea markets, paint them and give them a new life (something my husband wishes I would do less often!

You can find more of  Kim's photography on her blog.

Prague, Czech Republic / Siegrid Cain

Prague, Czech Republic / Siegrid Cain

Fuerteventura, Kanarische Inseln / Michael Palatini

Fuerteventura, Kanarische Inseln / Michael Palatini